Saturday, February 17, 2007


Brutus from Center Point Large Print came to visit the library this year. Here Browser is having a nice visit with Brutus. To see what Libraries Brutus has all ready visited, go to: and click on Brutus.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Browser recovers from illness with literature

My dear friends and neighbors,

I find myself infirmed. (Je trouvaille moi-même malade.)
I thank all of you in advance for your many cards and letters wishing me a quick recovery. That address, again, if you have peut-être forgotten, is:

Pine River Public Library
PO Box 14
Pine River, MN 56474

My usual physician est des vacances. Actually, he is not on vacation at all, but rather is aller à l'école (attending school) in sunny Florida. I was thus escorted to Staples for a visit with the local docteur animal in that fair town. The outing was tres cher ($$). Without seeming too indelicate, contributions of quelques pièces de monnaie (a few coins) would be greatly appreciated.

You have, peut-etre, heard the term “excuse my French”? “…Please excuse the strong language. Exactly why French should mean ‘bad language’ is not known, but this usage dates from the late 1800’s. Eric Partridge speculated that the phrase was picked up by British soldiers in France during World War I and was first recorded during this period. However, given that language such as the F-word has become commonplace in popular entertainment and public life, this cliché is probably obsolescent, if not obsolete...“ (The Facts On File Dictionary of Cliches by Christine Ammer) I think of French as a beautiful and graceful language. Since my illness I have been doing a great deal of reading, since I can do little else. Ah, the classics! Jules Verne (1828-1905), Victor Hugo (1802-1885), or my personal favorite, Albert Camus (1913-1960), 1957 Noble Laureate for Literature.

Perhaps you have been reading as well. Did you know that the (“chaud lit pendant des nuits froides”) Hot Reads For Cold Nights has once again débuté. This is naturellement, the adult reading program. Mugs, this year, are tres joli! I hope Muriel saves one for me. (You weren’t expecting poetry, were you? I did mention, did I not, that I have been reading? I am nothing if not littéraire.) But enough of this foolishness. In plain English, Mugs will be given out for those reading 15 books in 3 months, starting January 1 and ending March 31. One mug per patron and sign up sheets can be picked up here at the library.

Here’s wishing you a very pleasant reading experience. With special thanks to and their Babel Fish Translations, I remain,
Browser, the library

Published in the Pine River Journal Feb. 1, 2007