Thursday, July 08, 2010

A small town story about kindness

Stories of good and evil appear throughout history. In this age of extreme evil, however, comes a little story that could only happen in small town America. It is not so much a story of good and evil as a story of sadness and joy.

A few weeks ago in our Pine River Library there was a large Peace Lily plant, resplendent with blooms. It was looked upon with pride and joy by all who visited our library and especially by Muriel, our Branch Manager. It seems, however, that these flowers were not loved by all. On a weekend a couple of weeks ago, all the flowers mysteriously disappeared. Mystified and somewhat miffed, Muriel began asking everyone she encountered who would whack off all those lovely blooms. The answer did eventually come, but the plant remained naked of its blooms.

Time passed and on a sunny afternoon last week Muriel began receiving at the library silk Peace Lily flowers. Each was labeled with the phrase “Please Return to the Pine River Library”.

Curious, Muriel began asking the delivery persons about their offerings. A story developed. It seems that a young woman, apparently with two small children in tow, was walking about Pine River carrying two bags, each marked with “Help Cheer Up Muriel”.

In these bags were many silk Peace Lily flowers, each with their label.

The woman handed these blooms to individuals on the street.

When she at last became tired she placed her offerings in flower boxes and other places of high visibility about our small town. She was giving back where someone else took away. Her identity is not known. She has brought a smile to our faces.

We give a heartfelt THANK YOU!

By Browser the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 8 July 2010