Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Browser enjoyed his visit to the Carlton Library

Browser enjoyed his visit to the Carlton Library. He met Georgia the giraffe. They spent the week getting to know each other. They played by the videos and watched everyone go by. They took many journeys into all the different books they read together.

Our guest Browser also got to participate in the tour the 3rd grade classes from South Terrace. He helped to tell 40 students about everything you can do at the library such as researching, games, hanging with friends, and reading fun books!

We look forward to hearing about Browser’s other visits!

Jodie Johnson
Library Director
Carlton Area Public Library

Friday, December 23, 2011

My visit to the Gilbert Public Library

I loved padding my way through the Community Center which houses the Gilbert Public Library. Everyone flattered me with the attention due a special feline of my caliber. There is a bank of computers just purfect for a cat to stretch out on, which is just what I did.

As you can see, I made a new friend, Rudolph and I enjoyed our visit and he hopes to visit me next year.

Thank you Su and Ty for showing me around.
Until next time, Browser

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Visit to Ely Public Library

I had a great time exploring the Ely Public Library. The Staff there gave me the complete tour of all the different rooms in their old building, and the best place for a nap was on top of the sunny windowledge in the children's area that's right above the radiator.

My favorite moment of this visit is captured in the photo... meeting Amelia, the resident painted turtle. We exchanged tips on how to best greet library patrons - Amelia thinks waving your feet is best, while I like to purr and flick my tail.

Thank you Rachel and Ely staff for showing me around.

Off to my next adventure....


Thursday, December 08, 2011

The library offers indoor winter activities

It’s beginning to look like winter, friends and neighbors.

Because the temperatures are dropping, all my little furry and feathery friends are more difficult to find. Winter is a wonderful time, however, to do big things in doors. Here’s a stupendous example. On Friday, December 9th at the Warehouse at 7:00 PM, Tim and Cindy Rogeenkamp will perform an acoustic country and bluegrass music concert! What a way to spend a winter evening! Fine music played in the style when folks loved to stay indoors and entertain each other. Don’t miss this. Tim and Cindy founded the Lakes Bluegrass Festival. They know what they’re doing. Tickets are free at the Pine River Public Library, my home. Free is always good, but this is even better.

Soon the library will be erecting the Giving Tree. This is your chance to donate to your library so that we may offer you even better materials. Hard to believe, isn’t it? Even better!

There are some changes coming in January,2012, but since we’ve just entered December, the month of mid-winter celebrations, I’ll wait another month to drop these on you like so much snow.

Enjoy! Read some books. Listen to some music or books. Watch some videos and DVD’s.

Until later, I remain,
Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 8 Dec 2011