Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Fever turning into Spring Cleaning

Hello, friends and neighbors. Browser here wishing you the finest spring ever – if we get one! I know most of you believe that early summer is a time when allergies spoil your fun in the sun, but consider this. Spring cleaning, the type that causes blinds to come down and furniture to be moved, kicks up all sorts of nasty particles including that old standard, “house dust”.
My advice to humans who feel the need to clean in the spring is simple. First buy several boxes of nasal tissue! You are going to need it. After that, go for whatever products tickle your fancy. Of course it makes the most sense to tear up those old t-shirts and mix a bottle of vinegar and water and have at it, but that would mean you don’t get to go Shopping. Spring cleaning is the best excuse ever to buy all sorts of colorful boxes and bottles of stuff you’ve always wanted to try. Advertising people have been working hard to get your attention.
Unlike Christmas, which is a retailer’s dream, spring is the season cleaning product manufacturers live for! Celebrate spring. While you are at it, buy yourself some fresh flowers to put on the table, because it is going to be a while before any are in the garden and it will help you to realize that it is indeed spring.
Check out the website for books on “how to clean anything”. There are loads of those. It will help you with your shopping list of products you can’t live without.

Instead of letting April fool you, fool April. Make a sunny spring sanctuary for yourself!

I remain,
Browser, the library cat