Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enjoy haunted house; celebrate Browser's birthday

Dear friends and neighbors,

 I am told that October 15th is Star Wars read day.
 Now, I know what October is and I certainly know what “read” is, living as I do in a library, but I have no idea what Star Wars are. I have often looked up at the heavens and appreciated the many pins of light, but I have never witnessed any signs of war.
 To make matters more complicated, Chewy and BB8 are in residence for photo ops with the children. I have no idea who these creatures are. I have had my picture taken with them and nothing has gone awry. I assume they also must be safe if the children are willing to be photographed with them.
 I remain cautious.

 On a much lighter note, we are celebrating my 15th birthday on October 31st, Halloween. My actual date of birth remains a mystery, since I am a foundling. Halloween is, however, the perfect day to celebrate. There will, I am told, be cake served from 2 to 5.
 Muriel informs me that there will be no gifts except in the form of cat treats. Cat treats are always welcome. As the young people say, “bring it”!

 On Halloween night the house across from the library will be decorated as a haunted house. I love this. It will only be open for one night, which makes perfect sense since October 31st is only one day.
 The cost to enter will be $2.00. Sadly, this money will be used to offset the cost of my vet bills. I have been infirmed. Though I am only 15, the age of young humans, this is past middle age for felines. Come and enjoy our haunted house and celebrate my birthday.


I remain, cautiously,

Browser, the library cat