Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My visit to Haywood County Public Library

Browser and the Space Shuttle Tire at the Haywood County Public Library. "Purrrrrific"

The library is located in Waynesville, North Carolina

Friday, September 16, 2011

Browser in Babbitt, MN

Greetings from the Babbitt Public Library!

What a great place! They have an impressive garden,

which is quite handy for a cat.

Their newly installed outdoor art was an ideal
place to test my camouflage skills for hunting.

Meowing under the library moon at night was fun but the temp dropped to 20 degrees last night. That said, I am ready to move on, maybe to a library with a nice fireplace.

As always,


Friday, September 02, 2011

My visit to the Eveleth Public Library, MN

Maggie McLaughlin was nice enough to share her book with me while she was visiting the Eveleth Public Library in the Arrowhead System.

The Arrowhead Library System covers seven counties in northeastern Minnesota. There are 29 member public libraries and I hope to visit as many as possible.

Until next time, Browser

Thursday, September 01, 2011

We are lucky to have the library in Pine River

Greetings, Friends, and especially all you young people:

As summer winds down and we all prepare for autumn and winter, let us take time to reflect upon the success of our summer reading program. “One World Many Stories” ended with a pizza bowling party for those young people who finished all eight weeks of the reading program. They didn’t invite me, which is, I feel, rude, but I’m getting to an age where pizza doesn’t sit well and bowling isn’t really my game, so I guess it’s okay.

The winners of the grand prize drawing for the Summer Reading Program are: Lydia Johnson - $50 gift certificate from Alco; Carson Travis – Portable DVD Player; Rosalie Larsen – Ipod Shuffle. Congratulations, winners! Thank you everybody for participating. You are all winners!

Moving right along, school is starting. This can be really exciting for some and a downer for others. Let’s think about this a little. School is where your friends are. It is also someplace where you get to learn all sorts of cool stuff. Your library, Pine River Public Library, can help. Need reference materials? If we don’t have them on the shelves, we can get them for you. Need access to the internet for research? We have your computers. They are there for you. Missing anything? Make suggestions in writing and give them to your librarian. We are here because of YOU.

Have a wonderful year, everybody.
Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 1 Sept. 2011