Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Rudolph reminds us that bullying is not OK

Happy holiday season, friends and neighbors.

With the onslaught of various holiday greetings and messages everywhere, I have been pondering the origins of some of these, for want of a better word, “things” that have become tradition - the colors of red and green, the tree with decorations, the wreath, various songs, St. Nicholas, stockings, and so forth.

Recently I was somewhere – I don’t remember quite where – and there was music playing. It was Christmas music, but it was unusual in that it involved a duet of cellos. They were playing “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer”. The sound was lovely, but there was something so ridiculous about making lovely a song about a fictional [cartoon] character, that I began to wonder about Rudolph’s origins.


According to Wikipedia:


Robert L. May created Rudolph in 1939, as an assignment for Chicago-based Montgomery Ward. The retailer had been buying and giving away coloring books for Christmas every year and it was decided that creating their own book would save money. Rudolph was supposed to be a moose but that was changed because a reindeer seemed friendly.[citation needed] May considered naming the reindeer "Rollo" or "Reginald" before deciding upon using the name "Rudolph".[7] In its first year of publication, Montgomery Ward had distributed 2.5 million copies of Rudolph's story.


Wow. Those numbers certainly explain how Rudolph became so popular so quickly.  If you are not familiar with the story of Rudolph, it goes like this:


"The story chronicles the experiences of Rudolph, a youthful reindeer buck (male) who possesses an unusual luminous red nose. Mocked and excluded by his peers because of this trait, Rudolph manages to prove himself one Christmas Eve after Santa Claus catches sight of Rudolph's nose and asks Rudolph to lead his sleigh for the evening. Rudolph agrees, and is finally treated better by his fellow reindeer for his heroism."


I’m glad I researched this. It is a story with a message. Making fun of or bullying others because of some difference from ourselves is wrong. A difference is often a blessing.


Quickly let me say that we at the Pine River Public Library will be closed Saturday, Dec. 24 and Monday Dec. 26th as well as Monday, Jan. 2nd. Shortly thereafter – the very next day, in fact – the adult reading program begins. “Snow Time To Read”.

Read 15 books in three months (until March 31) and receive a mug. Slips for chronicling your reading are available at our library. For those who fill out a second slip, your names will be placed in a drawing for an infused water bottle.


Happy reading!

Browser, the library cat


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Enjoy haunted house; celebrate Browser's birthday

Dear friends and neighbors,

 I am told that October 15th is Star Wars read day.
 Now, I know what October is and I certainly know what “read” is, living as I do in a library, but I have no idea what Star Wars are. I have often looked up at the heavens and appreciated the many pins of light, but I have never witnessed any signs of war.
 To make matters more complicated, Chewy and BB8 are in residence for photo ops with the children. I have no idea who these creatures are. I have had my picture taken with them and nothing has gone awry. I assume they also must be safe if the children are willing to be photographed with them.
 I remain cautious.

 On a much lighter note, we are celebrating my 15th birthday on October 31st, Halloween. My actual date of birth remains a mystery, since I am a foundling. Halloween is, however, the perfect day to celebrate. There will, I am told, be cake served from 2 to 5.
 Muriel informs me that there will be no gifts except in the form of cat treats. Cat treats are always welcome. As the young people say, “bring it”!

 On Halloween night the house across from the library will be decorated as a haunted house. I love this. It will only be open for one night, which makes perfect sense since October 31st is only one day.
 The cost to enter will be $2.00. Sadly, this money will be used to offset the cost of my vet bills. I have been infirmed. Though I am only 15, the age of young humans, this is past middle age for felines. Come and enjoy our haunted house and celebrate my birthday.


I remain, cautiously,

Browser, the library cat

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Native Pride Productions Founder to present program in Pine River

Friends and neighbors,


“Heritage”, according to The Merrian-Webster Dictionary, is a legacy or birthright. I know nothing of my own heritage. I am what is known as a foundling. This is not the case of our latest offering from the Minnesota Legacy Program. He is Larry Yazzie, founder and artistic director of Native Pride Productions, Inc., established in 2003.

Mister Yazzie is an international lecturer, educator, performer, model and actor. He will present to Pine River residents in song and dance, the flamboyant and majestic movements passed down by his ancestors. This program will take place at The Warehouse on Saturday, Sept. 17 at 2:30PM. The Native Pride Dancer’s mission is to educate, inspire, motivate and empower diverse communities to bridge cultural gaps through indigenous traditions.


Don’t miss this fascinating and inspiring free program.


Legacy Programs are funded in part or whole with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008, which dedicated funding to preserve Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage. For the complete schedule of Legacy funded events at Kitchigami Libraries, visit the Kitchigami Regional Library website: and click on Legacy Events.


I remain,

Browser, the library cat, seeker of heritage

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wishing Katy a Fond Farewell Aug 17 at the Pine River Library

Friends and neighbors,

   It is the season of change. From summer to fall, from vacation to school.

   We at the Pine River Public Library are experiencing a different kind of change. Our dear friend, Katy, is retiring. Sad, but true. It is a poignant time for us all. We will miss her greatly.

   There is, however, a little bright sunlight in this, a time of change. We are throwing Katy a party.  The date s Aug 17 time 4 pm to closing. 
 Come in to the library and wish Katy a fond farewell. I will, of course, be in attendance in all my glossy black glory. Hope you can attend. No RSVP necessary.
 I remain, Browser, the library cat

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Pine River Library to host program on India, book sale

Friends and neighbors, and most specifically my younger friends and neighbors,

Soon, very soon, comes a special presentation sponsored by our Minnesota Legacy Program in whole or part with money dedicated to preserve Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage. India!

“The seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country (with over 1.2 billion people), and the most populous democracy in the world…” according to Wikipedia.

Zaraawar Mistry and musician Greg Herriges with be presenting us with a story telling program featuring traditional Indian stories and folktales with music and interaction with the audience. Stories, marvelous stories, of retellings of classic myths, historical stories and animal fables from India will be featured.

Join the children and immerse yourself in the culture, wildlife, food and history of India on Wednesday, July 13th at 2:00 PM at our Pine River Public Library.

 Book Sale

Ah, fabulous July! The book sale is coming up and Pine River Library is accepting books for the sale. Please, no Readers’ Digest books, encyclopedias or old text books. Bring your boxes of books to share with others. Will be taking books until a week before the sale. Please call the library if you are bring in lots.

The sale has been moved to July 29th through July 31st. Friday: 10AM-6PM. Saturday: 10AM-5PM. Sunday: 10AM-2PM. We have moved the date to coincide with Pine River’s Summerfest where there will be sidewalk sales, Arts and Crafts show, Pine River Flea Market on Friday, Art Club show, food, parade on Saturday, and Pine River Lions pancake breakfast on Sunday.

Spend this stellar time in beautiful Pine River, my home.

Browser, the library cat

Friday, May 13, 2016

Tasting for Progress Fund Raiser

Friends and neighbors of the adult human variety! There is a fabulous event coming soon. It is located at Bites Grill and Bar so I can’t attend, but Muriel promises to take the flat Browser so that I can at least make my presence known.


This event is to benefit both the Pine River Public Library and the Pine River Chamber. Isn’t that wonderful? Sponsored by Ultimate Liquors of Pine River, it is a Wine, Beer, and Spirits Tasting. There will be light hors d’oeuvres served and a special dinner offer that is optional during this event which will take place Thursday, May 19 from 5 to 8 PM. What fun! But that isn’t all. There will be a silent auction and a raffle. Wish I could go.


Tickets are available at Wireless Woods and Plaid Duck Art Mall, Pine River Library, Bites, Ultimate Liquors, Pine River Chamber Information Center, Gardiner’s Hardware, and Pine River State Bank. Advanced tickets are $20. Tickets will also be sold at the door for $25. The Funds will go toward the library building expansion and the Chamber website updates. If you have questions, call John at 587-4000. Obviously you must be 21 years or older. A portion of your ticket is tax deductible. Checks should be made payable to Pine River Library Building Foundation.


Have some fun!

Bring a friend

Browser, the library cat

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Library welcomes Reed as associate librarian

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Here at Pine River Public Library we have begun.
Michaela Reed has begun as our new associate librarian. She is a long standing member of our community and many of us have known her for a long time.
Her parents, Liz Hedman and Scott Amundson are friends of mine. Liz worked at our old library, and many of you may remember her and her lovely daughter.
Come into the library and reacquaint yourselves with Michaela. Ask her about her favorite authors and what she studies at school in St. Cloud. Find out about her goals after finishing her schooling in St. Cloud. We at Pine River Library are happy to have her as our new/old member of our family.

Thanks to the free Legacy Program funded thanks to voters on November 4, 2008, preserving Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage, we have a new program coming to Pine River May 14th at 2 PM at Pine River Public Library. This will be Arna Rennan, presenting a musical performance featuring translated stories about Norwegian immigrants.
Music will be included from a variety of genres including the simple four lined poems, broadsides, waltz tunes, vaudeville songs from “Snoose Boulevard” sung in “Swenglish”, along with well known favorites here in Minnesota.

If you are Norwegian or if you know someone who is Norwegian or if your check out lady at the grocery is Norwegian or if you know where Norway is, you might want to attend this program. I know I will. I may not be Norwegian, but I like music.


Hope to see you soon.

I remain,

Browser, the library cat


Thursday, April 21, 2016

Library to host Minnesota Author on April 29

Friends and neighbors,

I don’t think when the phrase “April showers bring May flowers” was written they were referring to snow showers. Obviously that particular writer wasn’t from Minnesota.

Still, perhaps the flowers will come regardless. Meantime, read loads of books about flowers. It will keep you hopeful.

Minnesota flowers in other ways regardless of late snow showers. The free Legacy Program is funded in part or in whole with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008 which dedicated funding to preserve Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage.

Our late April offering from this Legacy Program here at the Pine River Public Library is bestselling Minnesota author, Brian Freeman. He is the author of ten psychological thrillers. Read one of these on a snowy April day.

Goodbye to the Dead was just released this March. Mr. Freeman’s books have won many awards and have been praised by critics and bestselling authors alike. Join us at the library on April 29th, 2016 at 5:30 when we welcome Brian Freeman. He will give an exciting book talk about his works with a book signing following the talk. Books will be available for purchase.


Think spring, but in the meantime, read a good book.

I remain,

Browser, the library cat

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ups and downs at Pine River Public Library

Well, friends and neighbors, I feel like I’m on a trampoline here at the Pine River Public Library. Ups and downs.

First the down part. Sarah is leaving. She has taken a full time job. They tell me she will come for visits. I hope this is true. Sarah is my family. I will miss her terribly. I’m sure you will too. We wish her well, of course.

Now for the “up” part. Your online library has been expanded. This is a two part expansion.

  • First of all, check out Ebooks Minnesota, a newly launched online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages and features contents from our state’s independent publishers including some of our best literature and nonfiction.
  • Secondly, Kitchigami Library patrons can now access their favorite digital magazines using “Flipster” from EBSCO Information Services. Flipster is a next-generation digital magazine service that allows people (and felines) to browse (Apparently this has to do with me.) the latest issues of high quality digital versions of popular magazines, courtesy of the library.
    For help and instructions, check with the desk at our library. I’ll need a little help with this as well.
    The lakes are melting and it is time for spring. Enjoy!
    I remain,
Browser, the library cat

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gangsters in Minnesota topic of upcoming program at Pine River Library

Friends and neighbors!

My favorite Minnesota Legacy program is coming soon. Chad Lewis will be with us at Pine River Public Library on Friday, March 18th at 5:30. Chad will talk to us about gangsters and their colored past in our state of Minnesota. I think I might have been a gangster in a former life, since I find the deadly bank robberies, explosive shootouts, brutal murders, and darling kidnappings hugely compelling.

Here is Mr. Lewis’ short bio:

My name is Chad Lewis and I am a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the strange and unusual. My background is in Psychology as I did both my Bachelor and Master degree work in the field but for the last 20 years I have traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history.

Join me, Browser, at the library for this lively presentation.   This program is brought to us, by the Minnesota Legacy Program, which dedicated funding to preserve Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage.


Your friend,

Browser, the library cat

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Adult reading program under way

Read, read, read! It’s time for the adult reading program at Pine River Public Library. “Snow Time to Read” is starting. By the time you read this we are up a running – or “reading”, rather. The dates are January 2 through the end of March.

Pick up an entry sheet at the front desk of the library and several books from the stacks. Complete 15 books and win a mug. I collect all of them. I like to read.

 You might consider reading from a couple of authors who will be making a visit to the library later in the year. Chad Lewis will appear March 18th  at 5:30 pm and writes of gangsters and ghosts. Brian Freeman, international best selling author of psychological suspense novels visits us April 29th at 5:30m pm.  Be informed and ready to ask questions of these two renowned authors.

Craig Nagel is coming to the library. He is not only a local [Pequot Lakes] and a swell guy, he’s a wonderful writer. Craig will be at our library January 23rd at 1:00pm to do a book talk on his latest book, “Fred’s Way”. Unlike his previous books, this one is a novel. It’s a coming of age story of a young man torn between going off to college to become an ordained Lutheran pastor or staying at home to marry his high school sweetheart. Check this one out and visit with Craig.


I remain,

Browser, the library cat