Thursday, November 15, 2007

Drip, drip, drip......

Hello, fellow travelers on the quest for enlightenment. I am Browser, the library cat at Pine River Library, where enlightenment does not mean light shining through the roof! We wish to thank a few generous souls who have donated to our roof repair fund:

Thank you Pine River/Backus ATOD program for your donation of $25.00.
Thank you Marcella Fisher for your donation of $1,000.00.
Thank you Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe for your donation of $2,500.00.

As it happens, we are still $25,000 short of a new roof. If each of 25,000 people would donate $1.00, or 5,000 would donate $5.00 or … You get the picture. Let us all pitch in and get a new roof on our library. A library is a precious thing.

Speaking of our library, there is a new art exhibit adorning our walls. The Pine River Art Club has, for several years, made our library space not just a repository for books but a warm and inviting space with their manifestation of the creative spirit which lives within each of us. Thank you, Artists all, for your transformation of brick and mortar into lively and lovely display. Who knew? We thought it was a library. Turns out it is also an art gallery!

But enough about the rest of you… Here is something about me! We have started a feature called “Browser Mini Me”. There is a poster at the library about this. Here is how it works: Tell the staff at the Pine River Library in what Pine River business you saw “Mini Me” (that would be Browser, the library cat likeness) and receive one of 20 collectable limited edition Browser Trading Cards. “Mini Me” will be in a different location every week. Every time you spot me you can collect another trading card. Be sure to keep your eyes open. I’m out there in Pine River! One trading card per person per week. Limited availability.

And finally, a sad note in closing. We mark the passing of Dorothy King, a long time Kitchigami employee and ardent volunteer in both Pine River Library and in the Kitchigami Library system. Dorothy spent countless hours making our library a better place. She is remembered as the “Story Time Lady” at our library. She donated some of her quilted place mats and lap quilts to the Pine River Library silent auctions. That is the short list. The staff at Pine River Library and Kitchigami Regional Library will miss her greatly. A memorial fund has been set up at Pine River Library in her name.

With the coming of winter weather, stay inside and read a book!
I remain,
-Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal November 15, 2007