Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ups and downs at Pine River Public Library

Well, friends and neighbors, I feel like I’m on a trampoline here at the Pine River Public Library. Ups and downs.

First the down part. Sarah is leaving. She has taken a full time job. They tell me she will come for visits. I hope this is true. Sarah is my family. I will miss her terribly. I’m sure you will too. We wish her well, of course.

Now for the “up” part. Your online library has been expanded. This is a two part expansion.

  • First of all, check out Ebooks Minnesota, a newly launched online ebook collection for all Minnesotans. The collection covers a wide variety of subjects for readers of all ages and features contents from our state’s independent publishers including some of our best literature and nonfiction.
  • Secondly, Kitchigami Library patrons can now access their favorite digital magazines using “Flipster” from EBSCO Information Services. Flipster is a next-generation digital magazine service that allows people (and felines) to browse (Apparently this has to do with me.) the latest issues of high quality digital versions of popular magazines, courtesy of the library.
    For help and instructions, check with the desk at our library. I’ll need a little help with this as well.
    The lakes are melting and it is time for spring. Enjoy!
    I remain,
Browser, the library cat

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gangsters in Minnesota topic of upcoming program at Pine River Library

Friends and neighbors!

My favorite Minnesota Legacy program is coming soon. Chad Lewis will be with us at Pine River Public Library on Friday, March 18th at 5:30. Chad will talk to us about gangsters and their colored past in our state of Minnesota. I think I might have been a gangster in a former life, since I find the deadly bank robberies, explosive shootouts, brutal murders, and darling kidnappings hugely compelling.

Here is Mr. Lewis’ short bio:

My name is Chad Lewis and I am a researcher, author, and lecturer on topics of the strange and unusual. My background is in Psychology as I did both my Bachelor and Master degree work in the field but for the last 20 years I have traveled the globe in search of unique and bizarre stories and history.

Join me, Browser, at the library for this lively presentation.   This program is brought to us, by the Minnesota Legacy Program, which dedicated funding to preserve Minnesota’s arts and cultural heritage.


Your friend,

Browser, the library cat