Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy 2014 Everyone.

We at the Pine River Public Library look forward to a stellar year. Your winter reading program for adults is starting. The race for the cups is on, ladies and gents, so come to the library and grab a
sign-up sheet.

We have some really exciting news. Paul and Lynn Hunt of Hunt Utilities are making a donation to our library. Hunt Utilities was originally a Pequot Lakes based company that had something to do with turtles. I believe it was called Hunt Technologies then.  Stumped? I am as well. I envision painted turtles and snapping turtles and leather turtles. Not so. These turtles have to do with your electric meters. If you google “Hunt Technologies turtle” perhaps you will better understand this concept. Hunt Utilities Group LLC is located in Pine River. They’ve moved from turtles to hay bale buildings. Hunt Utilities has made major strides in the exploration of sustainable living. Visit their website.

I wonder if they worked out the name of the company so that the initials would spell “hug”. I’m guessing they did! At any rate, the employees and management of Hunt Utilities Group votes each year to donate a Christmas gift to a deserving entity, in Paul and Lynn Hunt's name. That would be the Pine River Library this year. They have given us $205.00 to spend as we see fit. Thank you so much! Without the donations from our community our library could never be as wonderful as it obviously is.

Speaking of wonderful, we’re putting down new flooring at the library. It's noisy in there. Muriel is making me stay at her house. All will be wonderful after a time, but right now things are a bit limited. Be patient, please.

That’s our New Year news, friends and neighbors. Hope this year brings you peace and contentment.

I remain,

Browser, the library cat