Thursday, February 09, 2017

February is date month

Friends and neighbors,

It is February, the short month. Stuffed into this seemingly non-descript month is Valentines Day and President’s Day, the latter of which is a closed day for your library, Pine River Public Library. Chances are good that I will be taking a short vacation at my country home. I look forward to that.

February is also “I love to read” month. Very fitting for myself, since I live at a library. It is also the second month of our adult reading program. Do you have your sign-up sheet yet? 15 books and you get a great mug.

During Valentines week we have a special feature at our library. We are calling it “Blind Date with a book”. We have several books wrapped in red which we will be checking out to you. You will have no idea what is in this package until you open it at home. Read the book and return it with a review. Rate your date with a book! How fun is that? I love surprises.

I hope you find this chilly month filled with good reading and good friends.

Browser, the library cat