Thursday, August 02, 2007

Christmas gift ideas at the library

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? No!!? It’s already August. I have a really wonderful suggestion. The Scholastic Book Fair is being held at your Pine River Public Library from August 7 through the 11 during normal library hours. One stop shopping. There are plenty of books for young people, but most of the time they have something for everybody. I remember from past years. You wanted to go to the library anyway, didn’t you?

And whatever did happen to Harry Potter? The last book, Deathly Hallows came out July 21st. A dozen children came to the library with their sleeping bags and jammies to listen to the book on CD’s that Saturday night. I was there. I know. They had a great time. Still, because it is such a long book, I only heard part of it. I still don’t know how it ended. Will somebody please read it and tell me?

When was the last time you came to the library? Have you seen the CHAIR? “Adirondack” chair to be precise. (“The mountains often included by geographers in the
Appalachian Mountains, but they are geologically more similar to the Laurentian Mountains of Canada. They are bordered on the east by Lake Champlain and Lake George, which separate them from the Green Mountains in Vermont. They are bordered to the south by the Mohawk Valley and to the west by the Tug Hill Plateau, separated by the Black River. This region is south of the St. Lawrence River.” That tells you where the chairs originated. The library is where you can donate $5.00 to get your name in the drawing for our beautiful hand-made example. The drawing is September 1.

Now for the best part! You can get something for nothing at your library. It’s public, after all. Your new library cards are ready with the new logo. They haven’t been through the laundry yet or lost under the seat with all the fast food wrappers or reshaped in your wallet or lost in the bottom of your purse. They are new! Come get yours.
Until next time, I remain…

-Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 2 August 2007