Friday, June 20, 2014

Learn the story of Pine River past

Friends and neighbors,
Most of us know Charles Dickens’ story of Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas past. Well, it isn’t Christmas and it isn’t Charles Dickens. It is the story of Pine River past.

Minnesota Legacy has put together a trip back in time. This is exciting stuff. There will be rides in a horse drawn conveyance where you will talk to the ghost of George Angus Barclay.

There will be ghosts of loggers at the dam telling of their exploits. Ammarrilla Barclay, the first Caucasian woman in Cass County will be on hand at our Pine River Library to talk to you about her times.

You’ll be able to explore the Pine River Depot and learn its history. Ghostly, yes, but not the least bit scary. This tour begins at the Depot where you can board a horse drawn stage coach or a covered wagon and ends with a walk to our library where I will await you.

Don’t miss this. I wish I could meet all the ghosts, but at least Ammarrilla will be hanging out at the library.

The times and dates for this wonderful tour are Fridays, June 20, July 11 and 25, August 1, 15,and 22 and September 5 from 11:00 AM to1:00 PM.
Ghosts in the day time. Unusual.

After the tour you might want to saunter on down to Pine River Market Square. That opens at 2:00.

Your friend,
Browser, the library cat