Friday, September 28, 2012

Pine River Library to host workshops on genealogy, Upcycled quilts for kids

Dear friends and neighbors,
What in the world is a “workshop”? I looked it up in “The American Heritage Dictionary”. They gave me two definitions:

1.      “An area, room, or establishment in which manual work is done.”

2.      “A regularly scheduled seminar in a specialized field.”

We have two of these coming up in our Pine River Public Library. If it is #1, there would need to be some construction done to our current space, so I think perhaps #2 is the more correct definition. Still, “…regularly scheduled…” is at issue. What we have, actually, is a one time “…scheduled seminar in a specialized field.”

The first of these will be Saturday October 6th, 2012, at 2:00PM. It is entitled “Ancestry Detectives Workshop” and will be presented by Rosemary Susens. I’m extremely excited about this one, since I know nothing about my ancestry. Perhaps Ms. Susens can give me some hints on how to search. If not me, then you. Plan to attend. This should be fun and informative.

The second workshop is “Upcycled Quilt Workshop” and is for children K to 3rd grade. For this one, sign-up is required. It is scheduled for Saturday October 13th, 2012 at2:00PM. Since size is limited to 15 participants, call the library and reserve your child’s space. (218-587-4639) I will be attending this workshop as well. I don’t quilt, but I do so love children.

Both of these workshops are funded by Minnesota Clean Water Land Legacy Amendment. Thank you, Minnesota.

 See you there.

Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 27 September 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

eBooks available to library patrons

Greetings, patrons and friends.
These words begin with the letter “e”: edify; equality; exemplary; experience; books. Now I know you are saying to yourself, “That goofy cat can’t even spell. If it weren’t for spell check he would be completely lost.” Not so. “E” is for ebooks! Beginning September 20, 2012, Pine River Public Library will begin to offer eBooks to all Kitchigami Library card holders via your e-readers and Smartphones! This is a really big deal. You don’t have to buy these books, just check them out with your library card as you would any other library book. Here’s how:

Go to the Kitchigami website ( or directly to the KRLSDownloadables page ( From there, using your library card number and PIN number you will be able to sign up for Cloud Library, find directions for various devices and see the other great downloadable and streaming options that Kitchigami has to offer. If you are having any difficulties, come in to the library and ask for help. I’ll do the best I can to steer you in the right direction. Better yet, ask an actual librarian.

Events coming to our Pine River Public Library, thanks to the State of Minnesota:

·        Saturday, September 15th at the library we have Minnesota Jack Salmela , author of “Of Vikings and Voyageurs”. He will be doing a book talk at 2:00 PM complete with costumed French Voyageur interpreter, Ben Kreidler. This program is brought to you by Minnesota clean water, land, and legacy amendment.
·        Saturday, September 22nd at The Warehouse at 2:00 PM will be Carrie Vecchione and Rolf Erdahl, husband and wife instrumental duo, presenting a classical style recital. Learn about classical music including chamber orchestras and symphony orchestras. This is a rare treat and is also brought to you by Minnesota clean water, land, and legacy amendment.

Thank you, Minnesota, for making life in our state an equally edifying and exemplary experience.

 I remain,

Browser, the library cat
Published in the Pine River Journal Sept. 13th, 2012