Thursday, February 14, 2008

Opportunites abound at library

Our wonderful Pine River Public Library (my home) is hosting a talk by Craig Nagel. Craig is a writer for Echo Publishing & Printing - as am I - but Craig went the extra mile and actually wrote an entire book! Craig's column for the "Echo" is entitled "The Cracker Barrel". My column is in the "Pine River Journal", of course, you know: just look up. Craig, however, has been writing his column for 25 years! I can lay no claim to such longevity as I am much younger than 25. Time will tell in that respect. Craig's book is available at our library and is entitled "A Place Called Home: Moments from an ordinary life". On the surface this could be my life story here at our library. I'd better get writing! Here is the full article written about Craig and his book:

"... Nagel's observations of the world around him - sometimes witty, sometimes philosophical, always fresh and unique - have earned him a loyal following... Join him as he contemplates the mystery of the night sky on a midnight walk at 30 below zero, stares eyeball to eyeball in the chicken coop with an intruding Great Horned Owl, paddles his way through an autumn marsh as he and his wife harvest wild rice, and reflects upon the mystical resurrection of early-spring frogs, who days before were entombed in frozen mud."

Wow, Craig! I wouldn't care to encounter a Great Horned Owl. I might get carried away...

As Kilgore Trout would say, "and so it goes..." Kurt Vonnegut

Come to the library for the book talk. It is on February 20th from 6pm to 7pm. Bring your own copy of the book if you would like it signed. Come to the library at another time. Any other time.

We could use a few helpers here. We need a volunteer to help deliver books to our dedicated seniors who are "shut ins". These loyal men and women are avid readers. The Pine River Library has for many years had a senior outreach program but are currently in need of some helpful soul to take responsibility for this program. It's an every-other-week kind of deal. Contact Muriel at the library if you are interested. Also, we need somebody to come in and help put books back where they go after the rest of us are finished with them. The official phrase for this is "shelving books", but if this was only about putting books on shelves, any 6 year old could do it! They need to go where they belong. Come help. It's a nifty way to discover books. Somebody else may have read something you never thought of reading. In that case, don't put it on the shelf, check it out! This is a really good way to get out of the house, too, for something other than going to the grocery store. One to three days a week for a couple of hours would be a great help. Give Muriel a call about this as well. Keep that phone ringing!

Until the next time, keep reading those books.

Browser, the library cat

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