Thursday, October 09, 2008

Halloween is nearly upon us

Are you done with your Christmas shopping yet?

I personally am not, since the grass is still green and there are still a few hold outs in flower world.

However, since Muriel has been extremely busy, as she always is, she has made available for purchase at the front desk of the Pine River Public Library 2009 Browser the Library Cat daily pocket planners.

There are a limited number – more than 9, less than 9,000 – available, and Muriel assures me they would make great stocking stuffers, whatever that means.

And so on to the season that is actually upon us, Halloween, Ghosts and goblins.

We all have a vague idea about the “ghost” part of this, but what in the world are “goblins”? “The American Heritage Dictionary” characterizes them as “A grotesque elf said to work mischief or evil”. states, discussing their roots “…One fabled origin for goblins is in France in a cleft of the Pyrenees, from which they spread rapidly throughout Europe. They hitched a ride with Viking ships to get to Britain. They have no homes, being nomadic, dwelling temporarily in mossy cracks in rocks and tree roots…”

I have seen creatures hiding in mossy cracks in rocks and tree roots, but I don’t think they were goblins. If this description is accurate, they had too many legs!

But let us not digress. The Pine River Friends of the Library presents the Haunted House Fundraiser, indoors and out of the woods. This year it will be Friday and Saturday, October 24-25 and 31 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM. It will be held at Cass County Fairgrounds.

Wow! That’s different and interesting. I might have to wander over and have a look. I will have to dress appropriately in my black cat disguise…

According to the bulletin discussing this event, there will be ghosts, goblins, snacks and fun, so be checking in those mossy tree roots and rock cracks.

Cleo is once again the lady to call if you need more information or want to volunteer. I called her myself. This is her real phone number: 587-3996. I volunteered. She was non-plussed by my effort. Oh well. I’m certain you will fare far better.

One last bit of information before I close. Pine River Library and Pine River/Backus school are joining forces on a community read this month. The book will be “Four Miles to Pinecone” by Jon Hassler. I have begun to read this book and was immediate struck by the vivid descriptions and characterizations. I shall read on. It is not a thick book. Perhaps I’ll write a review for later publication. Call the library for more information about the dates associated with this community read. 218-587-4639.

As ever, I remain,

Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal October 9th, 2008

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