Friday, February 26, 2010

READ THIS ! It's good for you

Having attended some of the elucidating programs sponsored by Kitchigami Regional Library made possible by the State of Minnesota Legacy Fund to preserve arts and cultural heritage, I was utterly stunned to discover that no one in the group who attended had read about the program in the paper. This can mean only one of two things. Either no one is reading this column, in which case what’s the point, or no one who reads the column is taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to visit with writers and other talents from here in Minnesota . Do you honestly think all other states and communities offer this kind of privilege? Not so much.

The next program being offered is a meeting and presentation by Bemidji author Kent Nerburn, author of twelve books on spirituality and Native themes, especially Native Americans of the northern plains tribes. This program will be presented in Pine River at The Warehouse Saturday, February 27th at 3:00 PM. This author is extremely popular and well known. Having glimpsed his ratings on, I found nearly all were five stars. Don’t miss this program. I don’t think you’ll be sorry. Besides, it’s winter. Go forth and learn stuff. Cabin fever is bad for you.

As an aside, I will be giving out Valentines for the whole month to those from whom I receive these cherished offerings of affection. My Valentine box is sitting on the front desk for all to see. Also, there will be some remodeling taking place in my home at the Pine River Public Library. Once again The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be granting our library some new computers – three to be exact – for public use. They will arrive in March. A grant is not the same as a gift. Well, it is in a way. It is like the Valentines.

I’ll give you one and you give me one. The only difference, other than the obvious, is that all benefits stay in our library. I give you one, you give you one. We must give ourselves the same amount that the foundation is giving us. We are still seeking donations to match the foundation’s offering. Give generously. We are the ones who benefit.

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