Friday, November 26, 2010

I am so thankful

I am thankful for my fine friends.
I am thankful for a warm place to sleep.
I am thankful for enough to eat.
I am thankful for time spent contemplating existence.
I am thankful for the care givers who have helped me through hard times.
I am thankful for the children.
I am thankful for the City of Pine River for allowing me to stay in residence at their Library.
I am thankful for the turkey you didn’t bring me yet, but are planning to bring.

Residents of Pine River and patrons of our wonderful Pine River Public Library, Thanksgiving is fast approaching. For what are you thankful? Many of our friends and neighbors don’t have enough to eat or enough warm clothing to help them through the winter. If each of us would remember one other person on Thanksgiving and throughout the year, imagine how much good we could do. Each community in our area has a Food Shelf. If you have no idea what to give, give a few dollars. The Food Shelf can use your gifts of money to buy in bulk and much more cheaply than you, yourselves, can. Many of our local organizations collect warm clothing for those in need. If you have good clothing that you aren’t using, donate it. Contact a Lion’s Club or social services organization in your town. They can direct you to a place where you can leave your items.

I am thankful for all who read my articles.

Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 25th November 2010

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