Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's the season of giving

Tis the season. Your Pine River Public Library has a Giving Tree with a minimum of a $25.00 donation. All donations will be used to purchase new library materials. A colored ball ornament will be placed on the giving tree with your name on it. The materials that are purchased will take up more of my bedroom space. Think I’m kidding? Every time Muriel gets in more stuff for people she takes up more shelves I can no longer use for my naps. I really don’t mind, though, sort of…

Our Christmas tree has presents for small children under it. These are the very same children who pull my ears and my tail to show their love for me. I thought they should have gifts. Bring them into the library so they can have a present.

And a gift to all of you with digital cameras who take loads of great pictures and not so great pictures and then….

In January Pine River Public Library in association with Kitchigami Regional Library and funded in part by Minnesota Library Legacy Fund is offering a FREE class. This will be digital photography and Photoshop8. The class will be in three parts. You will need your own digital camera. If you have taken holiday pictures and want to process them, so much the better. If not, we will discuss taking better pictures and making existing pictures better.

What to bring:
· Your digital camera
· Your manual if you still have it as all digital cameras are different
· The cable you use to connect your camera to the computer
· Yourself

Call Muriel at the library (218-587-4639) or your instructor, Cora Mitchell (218-692-3501) for further information and to sign up for this class. We have not decided on a day yet because we want to make this work for as many as possible time wise.

Photoshop is a really interesting and fun tool. It can be used simply to process your photos or to make them into more than the original image. Anyone with a basic knowledge of using computer software can do this. With practice you will be amazed what you can do with simple images.

Happy Holidays and happy picture taking,

Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 23 December 2010

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