Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween, lost and found


Halloween once again. for a black cat this is my big day! Unfortunately for me, the Pine River Public Library will not have a haunted library this year. I'm bummed! The library will, however, be participating at the Haunted Hallways at the AmericInn on Halloween night from 4-7 pm.

The important reason for this posting: Lost and Found. You lost stuff. We found it.

1. One pair really lovely purplish pink prescription eye glasses with lace design in the temples. found in the parking lot of the library.
2. Viking Jersey in kid's large, #28.
3. Black headband with black bow. My favorite!

Come to the Pine River Library and get your stuff!

Have a wonderful fall, or "autumn" if you prefer, It's fine weather for playing in the leaves.

Browser, the library cat

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ellie said...

Happy Halloween Browser and friends!