Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine's Day! Friends and Neighbors!

I would hope you feel and express love every day, but Valentine’s Day is a time to remember to love. I, for one, love each and every one of you, oh friends of the Pine River Library and me. For this very reason I have a Valentine box at the library to deposit your missives to me. Hearts and flowers! Bring in your Valentine and you will receive one in the return with a treat attached. Not tuna, either. I promise.

February is a month to remember other things as well.  It’s I Love to Read Month!  President’s Day. The library will be closed that day, though definitely not on Valentine’s Day. Guys, rent a “chick flick” from the library to show you care about that woman in your life. I know she’ll be surprised.

Okay, so it seems early to worry about anything except snow, but the Federal and State tax forms are beginning to arrive at the library. Just so you know.

 Love to you.

Browser, the library cat


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