Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cupcake Wars participants needed

To blatantly alter an old saying, Let them bake cupcakes! Marie Antoinette would probably agree.

Friends and neighbors,

The cupcake wars are just around the corner [August 2] and not very many of you have signed up to have fun with food. Spend a little quality time with a friend, neighbor, granddaughter, husband, etc. Build some fun cupcakes. Good times will have been had by all. In the end you’ll have desert!

Make them big, make them small,

Ice them well or no icing at all.

Make them green, make them blue

Make them almost any hue.

Call Muriel at the Pine River Library and let her know you rethought it and want to join in. 587-4639. Judging for this is at 11:00 AM at the Warehouse in Pine River. Don’t be outdone by a Girl Scout…

I remain, yours in food,

Browser, the library cat

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