Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pine River Library to host Illustrated History event

Dear friends and neighbors:

For those of us more simple souls who do not know what the Minnesota Legacy Program is, I will attempt to edify. Though the various programs presented by Pine River Public Library [my home] and Kitchigami Regional Library are “free” to the public, you and others have already paid for them.

The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund receives 19.75 percent of the sales tax revenue resulting from the Legacy amendment to support arts, arts education and arts access, and to preserve Minnesota's history and cultural heritage.  Based on current sales tax revenue, Minnesotans will invest more than $1.2 billion in arts and cultural heritage fund projects and programs over the 25 year life of the tax."

A portion of the dollars appropriated from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund are being made available through grant programs.” []

This program was voted into action in 2008 by the people of Minnesota. You voted for this. Having voted and paid, it would be foolish not to partake. It would be like buying groceries and not eating them. There are many and varied events offered to you, friends and neighbors. For a list, visit and click on Legacy Events.

Here is the next program!:

On November 15th at 2:00 PM at the Pine River Library, Steve Stark will make art and history come alive for you. “Steve Stark’s unique Illustrated History presentations bring history, art and presentation to entertaining life as Steve, in historical costume tells true history stories while actually drawing with skill and speed them before your eyes” Why would you want to miss this? It’s blustery outside. Come inside.

See you here at Pine River Library. Don’t forget to visit me anytime except for the following days when the library will be closed: November 11 for Veterans Day, early close Wednesday, November 26th at 5:00 PM, and November 27th for Thanksgiving. (Turkey Day! I am hugely fond of that day and will spend it in the country, no doubt.)

I remain,
Browser, the library cat


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