Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Addition for the Pine River Library

Oh my, friends and neighbors!

The people at my home here at the Pine River Public Library are working on a project to expand my world. I can hardly believe it. I will be able to sit in the sunshine most of the year. Let me explain.

The Pine River Building Foundation voted unanimously (whatever that means) to build me a three season reading porch with sliding storm windows, no less. You, friends and neighbors, are welcome to share. The project will cost a meager $18,000. I am certainly worth it. The porch will be an estimated 225 square feet. That’s plenty big for me and a few of my closest friends.

The funds for this project are coming from a number of sources. Pine River Lions Club, which I have not encountered in perambulations or I would certainly remember them, has donated $200 to the project. John Stranne, president of the Lions, is shown presenting the check to Steve Hansen, Library Building Foundation board chair. Okay, I have to interject here. I see no lions in this picture, nor do I think Mr. Steve looks anything like a chair.

News release item: Fundraising will continue, and grant opportunities are being considered. The Foundation will take over the Pie on Park Avenue fundraiser, previously run by the Riverview Tabernacle Church. Proceeds from this event will go towards the reading porch project. A Rotary Club matching grant is also a possible funding source for this project.

I am hugely excited. For more information, call the library (218-587-4639), email the foundation at or if you wish to send donations, send them to PO Box 14, Pine River, MN, 56474.

Thank you one and all in advance for my new room.
I remain,
Browser, the library cat

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L. E. Mastilock said...

That's fantastic! And I look forward to reading your story in the Rescued book! Rascal and Rocco