Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sharing Ideas for Spring

Hello, friends and neighbors.
   Browser here with some ideas for spring. Going to the nursery or discount store to buy flowers means you may need deep pockets. (I, of course, have no pockets, not being a marsupial.) I have some suggestions.
   Buying annual plants is a quick fix to a sad looking yard, but it is a yearly expense. Consider perennials. These are often very expensive. My friend and co-author does her perennial shopping through a couple of wholesale catalogs.
   This means you often have to purchase several of one kind of plant. This is not necessarily a bad thing. A large planting of, say, astilbe or echinacea can be very eye-catching.
   Another option would be to get together with friends and agree to split various items. Here are two catalogs, both of which can be viewed online. Our library has computers that you can use by reserving a time and presenting your Kitchigami library card. Simply call. 587-4639.

   K.van Bourgondien & sons, inc. Website: They have a huge selection and plenty of information about each plant and whether it is good for Central Minnesota.
   Breck’s Wholesale. Website: They have some wonderful choices not seen in the other catalogs. They also have items listed by zone.
   I have mentioned “zone”. Here in Pine River we are a zone 3 unless you are planting in a protected area or next to the south side of a building. Then you can venture into zone 4.
   Both of the catalogs I have mentioned have sun, shade, and partial shade (4 hours of sun) marked. Also, many of the plants are nasty to deer and this is also marked. What is it with deer? I don’t go around eating people’s flowers. Of course I’m a carnivore. That might be the difference. 

Check out our library’s selection of books on planting a garden.

Remember, March 31 is the end of the adult winter reading program. Bring your completed book list to the library and enjoy your new mug!

I remain,
Browser, the library cat

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