Wednesday, April 22, 2015

My visit to the Thomas Cooper Library

I visited the Thomas Cooper Library on the University of South Carolina’s main campus, in Columbia, South Carolina. My friend Bob deTomaat works there, and kindly showed me around. I posed outside with two of TCL’s librarians, Bill Sudduth and Debbie Yerkes. 

They then took me into the Government Information and Maps department, where they both work. There I found all sorts of fishy cookbooks put out by the Department of the Interior. One of the student workers there, Tyler Johnson, helped me pose for the picture I took with some of the more interesting cookbooks.

I liked the one called “Fancy Catfish” the best, I think. Then I was shown some of the kitty-themed documents that have been put out by the GPO (Government Printing Office, for those of you who might not know). I even learned how Wildcat and Coyote tricked each other! I’m glad neither of them have tricked me. MOL!

That's how my trip went. Stay tuned for my next exciting adventure!

I remain,

Browser the Library Cat

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