Thursday, March 17, 2011

We are lucky to have the library

Ah, the Irish! Their special day is coming up on March 17th. The have parades and green stuff. They apparently have "luck". Ever heard of the "luck of the Irish". I, of course, have nine lives. Beat that, oh Irish friends. It was the potato famine that brought great numbers of Irish immigrants to our shores. Interestingly, in Kansas and farther south St. Patrick's Day is the day to plant potatoes.

But enough about food. Music! Let's talk about music. Northwind crossing, a quintet of northern Minnesota Musicians, will be playing for you at The Warehouse in Pine River, March 19th at 3:00pm.

Their music is primarily Irish and Scottish. This concert is, of course, brought to you by Kitchigami Regional Library in conjunction with Minnesota Library Legacy Fund. Celebrate our treasured immigrants. Come to this concert.

An additional special event sponsored by Kitchigami Regional Library and State of Minnesota Legacy Amendment and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund: King Tut exhibition at the Science Museum in St. Paul during the second half of March, free to Kitchigami Library patrons. Tickets are limited and registration is required. Contact your library for more information and to sign up. Weekday trips leaving from Bemidji and Brainerd are planned for seniors (60+) on March 18th. Saturday trips will leave from Bemidji on March 19th and April 2nd, and from Brainerd on March 19th and March 26th. From Pine River there will be a pickup stop on March 26th. A waiting list will be started for the next round of trips in April and maybe May.

Wow! While waiting for spring there is plenty for you to do, thanks to our wonderful library system.

I remain,
Browser, the library cat

PS. Don't forget to spay or neuter your pets. I'm one of the lucky ones. The library found and raised me.

Printed in the Pine River Journal 17th March 2011

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