Thursday, March 29, 2012

Story by the staff at McKinley Public Library

Hi Pine River Public Library Patrons and Browser,

Well Browser made it the McKinley Public Library in McKinley,MN. This is a
very small one-room library with about 100 residents in town.

The night Browser came--we had our special dog Pansy visiting. Pansy is a little 12
year old pomerian that the children nickname "puffball". The children read
to the dog with her owner twice a year for about 4-6 weeks.

Also, many patrons were on the computers looking at facebook, playing Barbie ,even a
new patron came into the library to fill out an application online.

Browser came to the library on a very busy night. Also,the library is in
the process of a new look with every book given a new home--so books are a
little bit of everywhere.

Nice to have you visit Browser.

I would like to Thank McKinley Public Library for having me at their library.  McKinley is located in Northern MN.

Browser the library cat

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