Thursday, April 05, 2012

Library hosting Scentsy Fundraiser

Can't make any sense out of that?  My Library, your library, our library, Pine River Public Library is currently involved in a fund raiser called "Scentsy."  The products are on display at the library for the following week and 25 percent of sales go directly to our library.

Need a birthday present or a graduation gift or something for yourself?  The library will be taking orders until Saturday, April 7th.  Come in to the library and check it out.  You get something and give to your library at the same time.  Questions?  Call the library at 587-4636.

See you soon.

I remain,
Browser the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal April 5th, 2012


ellie said...

Happy Easter to you all :)

Tober the Cat said...

Those Scentsy thingamajigs smell NICE. Good luck making the library bucks!