Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cauli Le Chat, feline roving reporter comes to visit

Cauli Le Chat just happened to arrive at the Pine River Library on the Hottest day in May!

Cauli Le Chat, feline roving reporter for Mooresville Public Library (Mooresville, Indiana), came to visit me at the library. She's traveling on her Library Critter World Tour and stopped in Pine River . When she arrived we shared Breakfast first thing this morning. Like me, she also has her own blog at:

I show Cauli around the library starting with our childrens area.  She enjoyed the garden while we were in there.

I showed her our Summer Reading Program Mascot.  The theme this year is
Dream Big Read

Of course I had to show her my portrait of myself. 
Wayne Sherwood local artist did this for the library so
 I would always be remembed even after I should leave this world.

We could hardly wait for the doors to open so I could introduce my new friend to my old friends.

Had to hang out at the front desk so we could be admired.

Of course we couldn't miss naptime!

Checking out the weather outside on a hot May day

I showed Cauli where my condo was just in case she wanted to get a catnap.
There was a Tupperware Fundraiser going on Saturday so my double showed her around. 

We took a trip over the Pine River Chamber of Commerce and visited with John Wetroski.
He knows everything and everone in town.

Pine River is famous for their Duck Races.  I stay way from there since I know that Ducks don't care for cats!

Of course Cauli had to see Paul Bunyan's baby boots.

Of course it was hard to say good bye so I had my double stand in for me.
It was nice to have Cauli come visit and I hope I can come visit her some time.

As always.............


ellie said...

Wow! You did a fantastic job entertaining Flat Cauli! Looking handsome Browser :)

dog kennels said...

Beautiful image