Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Travels to CA

My Boss and her husband went on vacation at the beginning of May and I was lucky enough to hitch a ride with them to California.

My First airplane flight out of the Brainerd Airport on Wednesday.

This flight was from Minneapolis to Chicago.
Was quite the bumpy landing.

Had Breakfast at TGI Fridays.
It was very delicious!

As you can see we took Delta

Waiting with my bags

On Saturday we drove over the Disney Downtown.  My Bosses friends love
Disney and have passes but on this day we just explored the Downtown area!

Of course they let me onto the Trams from the parking lot.
Didn't have to walk too far!

Here I found the Chipmunks!  I've chased after these two a time or two in my life.

Wow a flying elephant.  Glad I didn't see a real one!

Took a break at the Hotel California outside California Adventure Park.

Of course you can't go to Disney without stopping at Goofy's Kitchen.
I wanted to get my picture taken with him but there was quite the line....

I guess this is the famous mouse.... 

I had to rest after my long day at Disney.

Hopefully more travels in the future.

As always Browser the library cat

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ellie said...

Wow! What a fantastic trip you all had :) like the picture of you with the Micky mouse topiary!