Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pine River Library to host Bake Sale Fundraiser Dec 14th

Friends and neighbors!

“It’s a wonderful time of the year…” as the song goes. Decorate! It’s the season of lights.

In our town, Pine River, the Parade of Lights is Dec. 14. With that in mind, Pine River Public Library, my home, plans a bake sale for that day as a fundraiser to continue to make the library the best ever.

Of course, with a bake sale we need bakers! I am a bakee (an eater of baked stuff. I created that word!). You, dear friends, are bakers.
Please let Muriel know that you will be contributing baked goods to the sale. Call the library at 587-4639. You can do this. I know.
If you lack ideas for baked goods, check out a cookbook from the library. Here’s a challenge: Bake cookies in the shape of a cat and put chocolate sprinkles to simulate my stunning black color! (Licorice would probably taste nasty.)

Speaking of Muriel, she and Don (her husband) and I recently went on a cruise. Because transporting me in person is less than practical, she took with her the “flat Browser.” See the pictures on my blog or on Facebook. My flat also went to visit Elsie, the library cat in California. I’m sure I will have fun and will post any pictures they send back to the library.

Outside on the balcony where it was very windy
Inside the cabin very safe and warm.

Our library will be closed early Thanksgiving Eve and all day Thanksgiving. Also Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so don’t come here those days either.

I remain,
Browser, the library cat

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