Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Chit Chat with the Library Cat

Friends and neighbors,

A couple of years ago I was asked to write a brief summary of the life and times of Browser, the Library Cat.  What male, or female for that matter, doesn't like to talk about themselves?  I dashed off a few hundred words and thought nothing more about it.  A few months later I was told I "made the cut" out of several hundred entrants.  What that meant I really had no clue.  The upshot, though, was that I was then asked to turn 600 words into 3000 words!  This took a rather long time, but with the help of Muriel, our head librarian, I was able to come up with anecdotes I had all but forgotten.  Life goes on, as we all know, and the past becomes somewhat hazy.  Along with this epistle I was to provide the name of a pet rescue near me who would be rewarded monetarily for their service to felines and canines.  Muriel suggested Paws and Claws Rescue & Resort.  I know nothing about pet rescue organizations except the Pine River Public Library who rescued me, and I took her suggestion. A great deal more time passed.  Now, it seems, my story has been published along with the stories of eleven more rescued felines.  The name of this book is  "Rescued. The Stories of 12 Cats, Through Their Eyes".  The book is available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but wait!  If you purchase our book during the month of July a portion of the proceeds will go to Paws and Claws, Muriel and I are working on a book signing for that month.  We'll let you know.

Meanwhile, life at the Library goes on.  Summer is a time for -- you guessed it -- the summer reading program.  The theme this year is "Read To The Rhythm".  I'm wondering if this means either reading with music playing or perhaps only reading books about music and dance.  Could be, I suppose.  At any rate, the kids' program is K to 6th grade, the teen program 7th to 12th grade.  This program will run for eight weeks with activity days on Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:30.  Sign up is required,  Call the Library for more information.  587-4639.

Several more noteworthy events are programmed for summer:

Friday (10 - 6), Saturday (10 - 5), and Sunday (10 - 2), June 26 - 28 is the Summerfest Book Sale.
Sunday will be bargain day, but don't count on the book of your dreams being left over.  This event has earned me my title "Browser, King of Books" for my propensity for sitting atop the piles of books

July 31 is "Pie on Park Avenue".  It begins at 9:00 am and continues until 3:00 or whenever the pies run out.  It will take place at 209 Park Ave across from the Library.  Proceeds will go  toward my three season reading porch which you may share.  This event is a long standing tradition in Pine River and has recently been adopted by my Library.

August, lovely August, brings the Cupcake Wars!  August 1st is the date, The Warehouse the location.  This is the third annual event.  Be giving this some thought.  It is really fun.  Set up is at 10:00 am, tasting begins at 11:00 am and awards are given out at 1:00 pm.  The tasters are the judges in this competition.  Sign is required.  Form a group of friends, neighbors, or grandchildren and have fun with food!  More information can be had at the Library.

August 26 to 30 is the Bluegrass Festival, and once again the Library Foundation will be selling specialty coffees, popcorn and ice cream.

Sugar, sugar, sugar, and books.  What better combination?  In addition, June 23rd at 6:00 pm at the Pine River Public Library, the Minnesota Legacy Program will present Julie Klassen, the Christian Fiction author, so sugar, sugar, sugar, books, and more books!

Enjoy your summer as I will mine.

I remain,
Browser, the library cat

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