Monday, May 30, 2011

My visit to the Thorntown Public Library

I'm a little behind on my travel adventures so now trying to catch up.

My next stop is the Thorntown Public Library in Thorntown Indiana. The library is a 1914 Carnegie that was expanded in 2004.

The Staff was very excited when I arrived! At the end of the day I was placed in my "carrier" next to the Head Librarian's desk for safekeeping. I guess she didn't realized that she put me next to the trash can. Well the next morning Christine Sterle, the Head Librarian looked for me and I was nowhere to be found! She and a few of her coworkers went into a panic. Custodian Ritchie put me IN THE TRASH! Lucky for me that I was unscathed and a night out reminded me where I use to live before the Pine River Public Library gave me a home. The staff apologized profusely. Here I am pictured with Ritchie hiding behind me!

Here I got to meet Boss Tober. Like me he's a library cat! Tober was at first worried about my presence. Me being the new cat in his library, but he seemed to be coming to terms that I would only be visiting and not taking his job away from him.

While here I was made and Honorary Staff Member, since a library can't have too many cats!

If you want to hear more of my visit at Thorntown Public Library visit Tober's blog at


Kitikata-san said...

Oh Browser, I am so happy to see that you were rescued from the trash! Thorntown Library is such a nice library with Tober. I think Tober does a good job being boss. You 2 are my favorite library cats!

ellie said...

Must have been a shock to find yourself in with the rubbish! Glad u were found. I reckon u and Tober will become best of friends!