Saturday, May 07, 2011

Park Rapids, Dennis and the D's, and Mother's Day

Dear Self (Browser),

I had a pleasant visit to the Park Rapids Library even though I spent the first day on the manager's desk (boring) because she ran off to an important meeting. She made up for it by inviting me to hear Dennis Warner and the D's in concert. Dennis and the D's are a charming group and they make wonderful music together. It was too bad the circus was in town the night of the show because I'm certain more kids would have come if it hadn't worked out that way. The audience made up for numbers with it's enthusiasm and I'm not sure how but I became an honorary member of the D's and was given center stage.

After resting up (fame makes a cat rather tired), I got to join the Friday morning story hour group. Of course, with Mother's Day right around the corner, the books were all about moms. It made me think about my dear feline mother and how she gave up her girlish figure to support my growth till birth. I also remember the endless supply of milk she provided until I was big enough to find my own food. "Meow" in your honor.

I'd better go get ready for the next leg of my travels. I'm sure there are many adventures ahead.

Browser Cat

PS Dennis Warner and the D's will be in Pine River, May 12 @ 6:30. The Warehouse, Come check them out!

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