Thursday, January 19, 2012

International Falls Library on the coldest morning of the year!

Hello Readers,

My latest visit was to the International Falls Library on the coldest morning of the year so far. I was very glad for my thick coat as the temperature was -23. But 14 children (only 9 were willing or interested in being photograhed) and their parents or grandparents came out for storytime! We heard stories about winter and then they wanted a picture with me and the storytime cat Tabitha.

I also got to spend a few minutes talking with the new American Girl doll McKenna. She is a door prize when the author Mary casanova, who lives in International falls, when she comes to talk at the library on January 24th.

And then I went and spent some time with all the animals in the comfy, cozy reading area in the junior room of the library. It was fun chatting with them about their favorite stories and who they like to have read them stories.

The Librarian said she was tempted to have me visit one of the second grade classes at the elementary school as they had just read Flat Stanley and created their own flat.

As always,



Tober the Cat said...

Oh, wow--that IS cold! Good thing we have furs!

Father Tom said...

Browser, it's so nice to meet you! Thank you so much for visiting me on my blog.

We're in the northeast and it's been coooold here, too. Looks like you have a lot of fans there at the library who like to read cat stories, too!

Browser, stay warm and remember, keep the fur tucked in!hehe