Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stop hibernating and come to the library

Fellow hibernators and library lovers all,

Are we to spend our entire winter sleeping with the bears? It is tempting, but wishing or sleeping our lives away is wasteful in the extreme. I have been analyzing this and have a couple of solutions. First of all, of course, is taking this time to read, whether fiction or non-fiction. The process of reading is good for us all. Log on to and check all the features available to you, library patrons. The catalog is full of books on every subject. If you do not happen to have a home computer – some people don’t – call Pine River Public Library and reserve computer time or simply come into the library and look through the catalog computers and request reading material.

“Not active enough for me” you say? How about this: Start your garden now. What? You may ask. It’s cold and frozen outside. Yes it is, but that doesn’t need to stop you. Start some seeds growing inside. Peppers should be started now, anyway, but what about herbs? Start some and use them for house plants. My friend, Cora, at her website has a page under “calendar” that will help you to do this. The catalog lists 1087 printings under the search word “gardening”. Are you wondering what you might grow? There are untold numbers of seed companies, most of which have websites.;;;;;;;;; These are just a few of the sites that not only sell seeds but have information available on their sites.

Not for you? What about getting out all those boxes of photos and other keepsakes and do a little scrapbooking? lists 59 publications on this subject. Why not motivate yourself by inviting a few friends to join you. Bake something, make a pot of coffee or tea, get together a few simple supplies, and have some fun.

Winter won’t last forever. Make the most of it while you can.

Stop by Pine River Public Library and visit me.

I remain,

Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 26th January 2012

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ellie said...

Thanks for your great winter activity ideas Browser and for visiting us at kitty tracks. We will get our two legs mom to grow some herbs, maybe some catnip for us kitties! Baking a cake sounds like a nom nom idea too. You look very relaxed there by the books Browser :)