Thursday, January 05, 2012

'Snow Time' begins, WiFi available

Hello friends,
Okay, so it’s winter with no snow. For me this is a definite plus. I get around a lot more easily, plus I am less visible. This situation may prove temporary, however. It is, after all, north central Minnesota. For this reason, many of us may be inside a lot. Time to read! Snow Time to reading starts January 1st, 2012, and ends March 31st, 2012. Since it’s called “Snow Time”, my guess is it will soon snow. I’m not sure how this works. It may be a case of which came first, the chicken or the egg? Bet we get a swell new cup if we read enough books! I still have all of mine from past years.

The operative word this winter is “change”. I typed in this word in the catalog. There were 1895 results for this search. Here some interesting entries:
• Change anything: the new science of personal success by Kerry Patterson
• Small Change by Sheila Roberts
• Change your brain, change your body by Daniel G. Amen
Here are some changes coming to Pine River Public Library in January 2012:
• WiFi: We have secured this. Patrons who wish to use WiFi will now need to put in their library card number and PIN to connect to the Internet with their laptops or other wireless devices. If a person does not have a library card they can get a guest card that will only work with the WiFi and not be used for checking out items. An ID will be required to get the guest card the same as when using one of the computers in the library
• Request pickup: You will not have 7 days instead of 10 to pick up requested items.
• Overdue items: Notices for overdue items will be sent after items are 29 days overdue. If the item is not returned, a bill will follow 14 days later.

•Loan periods:
-DVD’s 1 week, 7 item limit
-Magazines: 2 weeks
-Books on CD: 2 weeks, 7 item limit
-Playaways: 2 weeks, 7 item limit
-eAudiobooks: up to 3 weeks. Patrons choose the loan period
-Books: 4 weeks.

We at your Pine River Public Library hope all of you have had a wonderful holiday, whatever it was for you and with whomever you spent it. We hope you will enjoy our library for the coming winter season.

Browser, the library cat

Printed in the Pine River Journal 5th Jan 2012


Anonymous said...
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ellie said...

Happy New year Browser! Hope this year brings you many new adventures and fun :)