Thursday, May 25, 2006

Browser Library Lore March 2004

Well, friends and neighbors and fellow dwellers in the library, the dust has settled on a number of things. The new hours have just taken affect.

I certainly hope you can find some place in those hours to visit to me. I wait impatiently for my visitors. They, apparently, wait patiently for me as well, since at the Mardi gras party someone asked for me. I was very flattered, though I was unable to attend due to a prior engagement. I had to watch the library.

The Mardi gras party, I am told, went very well. So well, in fact, that the movers and shakers of the Friends of the Library are planning a repeat for next year. The silent auction was very successful. Thank you to everyone who donated items for that. The winner of the quilt was not me, sadly. It was, though, a very good friend of mine, Silvia Masters creator of the cross stitch of me hanging behind the library desk. Three cheers for Sylvia.

Here is information – or lack thereof – for all my Storytime friends. The Storytime hours are a bit on the sketchy side at this time. Muriel told me to tell you to call the library for times. If you call during open hours the phone will be answered by a person. If you call during closed hours you will wake me from my nap. Nobody will answer the phone, because I refuse to take calls. If I take even one, everybody will be calling to talk to me and I’ll never get any sleep.

And as Milton so aptly put it in Paradise Lost, “…His sleep was aery light, from pure digestion bred…”

Until later, your friend,-Browser

Printed in the Pine River Journal March 2004

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