Thursday, May 18, 2006

Cats and Libraries

Cat have been in libraries since the there have been books in libraries. Mice will get into library buildings and chew on the paper that make the books. Cat were used to keep the mice down. There are 680 known library cats around the world. The USA have 552, 181 (includes 29 Permanent Residents:21 statues,3 virtual library cats,2 stuffed lions, one stuffed Siberian tiger,one stuffed cheetah, and one ghost cat) You can find a list of libraries that have cats at

Browser has gotten emails from as far as Croatia and China. He has been featured on the local PBS station when the library first adopted him. He's the most laid-back and friendly animal anyone has ever seen. Even dog lovers have to stop to pet him when they come to the library. He will sit with a person while they read a book or work on the computer. He greets each patron that comes through the door.

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